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Our Mission

We all start our journey with one goal: to seek God a little more. Whether you’ve never met Him or you’ve known Him for a long time, you can join us and find what you’re looking for. Come hang with us at 9:00 am or 11:00 am every Sunday! When a person accepts and follows Jesus, they will see a real, positive change in their life and in their community. No matter who you are or how you’ve been treated by churches in the past, Crossroads has a place for you. Come experience the love and power of Jesus in your life.

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Water Baptism

Our next Baptism Service is coming up soon! The time is now to sign up and prepare for your next step in the Christian faith! The Bible says clearly that we should repent AND be baptized. At Crossroads, we believe in a full immersion baptism as a declaration of your faith in Christ Jesus. As you enter the water, it symbolizes the death of your old life. As you arise, it symbolizes the new creation you now are. We celebrate baptisms as victorious proclamations of Christ’s work in His children.

Baptism Sign-up

Baptism Sign-up

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At Crossroads, we aim to give opportunities for members of the Fitchburg community to find, understand, and deepen their faith along with their fellow children of God in a supportive and loving environment. Contact us today to learn about our Sunday services, Bible studies, baptisms and more.

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