Growth Track

Growth Track

Find Your Purpose & Grow Through God To Understand How You Were Made Unique

Find Your Purpose

The bible calls us all to put down roots so that we can grow strong in the Lord! (Col. 2:7) Growth Track is designed to help you do just that and more! You’ll learn all about the Crossroads family and what we believe, and then we’ll take a look at your unique characteristics and how they can function within ministry! You’ll meet awesome team members from those ministries that can help you get plugged into serving here. These four steps will give you the tools you need to become everything God has created you to be! Growth Track classes ONLINE and you can start at any time! We are a family and we want you to succeed. If you just got saved or you’re new to Crossroads, we are excited to help you on your journey to finding your purpose!

How can you get involved:

Meet the Team

Our Growth Track teachers are here to help you learn more about Crossroads and answer your questions about what we believe according to the Word of God. Our Advancement Team is here to help you take your next steps forward. They’ll be with you every step of the way until you graduate and join a Serve Team.

Pastor Douglas Dyer

Pastor Doug has been coming to Crossroads Community Church since 2013! During his time serving here, he has volunteered in Family Ministries, Growth Track and currently serves, along with his wife, Marcie, as the Discipleship Pastors.

Fun Fact: He played College Basketball!

Pastor Marcie Dyer

Pastor Marcie has been coming to Crossroads since 2013. She has served in every department at the church but currently is serving on the Pastoral Team, in Growth Track and in Kingdom Kids! 

Fun Fact: She loves watching Steve Harvey and Family Feud.

Dennis Danahy

Dennis has been coming to Crossroads for over 7 years. He serves as an usher, greeter, and A-Team member!

Fun fact: He loves Kayaking & goes as often as possible.

Jennifa Danahy

Jennifa has been coming to Crossroads for over 7 years and she serves on the A-Team and Greeting Team! She lives with her husband, Dennis, and has one grown daughter, Jess. 

Fun fact: She LOVES rainy days & thunderstorms.

Kelsey Shears

Kelsey has been coming to Crossroads for one year and immediately got plugged into the Media team. She currently is serving on the Advancement Team and Merchandise Team.

Fun fact: She got a degree in Culinary Arts because a passion of hers is hosting and cooking for people.

Karen Tinger

Karen has been coming to Crossroads for 4 years- since April/May 2017! She serves on the Growth Track Team, Media Team and Leads a Victory Crew! Sometimes she attends Saturday Soul Winning and goes out with the Outreach Team to help with Crusades.

Fun Fact: She has done so many fun things in life, the most memorable is she got to actually fly a plane (she was the pilot) in Colorado.

Karen Baker

Karen has been coming to Crossroads for 6 years. She serves on the Growth Track Team and Advancement Team and is the lead Administrator for the Children’s Ministry. 

Fun Fact: In high school, she was in the drama club and performed in many plays.

Janice Perez

Janice has been coming to Crossroads for 10 yrs. She’s been faithfully serving in GT and has served in other departments such as Kingdom Kids, Celebrate Recovery, Cleaning Team and Special Events! She lives in Fitchburg with her husband and 3 children.

Fun Fact:  She is good at perfecting other people’s recipes!

Carol Cotnoir

Carol has been coming to Crossroads for approximately 10 years. She currently serves on the A-Team but has served on the Hospitality Team and the Cleaning Team!

Fun fact: She comes from a musically talented family, everyone plays an instrument; she can play the flute.

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The Crossroads Growth Track is a fantastic opportunity to grow your faith while developing a stronger bond with our family and to revitalize your life’s mission. Contact us today to learn more about the Growth Track program.